Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Shake Up!

I’ve decided to balance out my blog posts and make some of them less focused on writing and more on history, since I write historical romance. I believe this new focus will be of interest to those who, in the future, may read my novels and want more information about the eras I write in. I’m planning on featuring two posts about the writing craft and two posts on history every month. So it will be a different selection every other week. Some topics in store are:

Edwardian Era Recipes

An Evening at Downton Abbey

Upstairs and Down – The Role of Servants

The Difference Between His Grace and M’Lord –The Peerage

The Delights of the Season

These are only a few of the fun posts I have in store, as I venture into a new chapter in my blogging. If any of you have topics you would like to see me cover or that you are interested in from the Regency and Victorian eras, just let me know. I look forward to this new experiment and hope you all enjoy the change!

Next week, we’ll feature our first history related post.

Until then!
Happy Writing,


P.S. Isn’t that picture gorgeous? I love the flounces on the her blouse. Oh, to be able to dress like that everyday! J

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