Friday, May 30, 2014

Almost Free Stuff for Writers!

 As I said in my last post, I have located some great books for writers that are super cheap. Check out the links to these great resources that are only 1 cent each! That's right all these things below are only one penny!!  (Plus the shipping fee-which still makes these writing books super good deals!) Enjoy!!

Some great books for helping you with your craft! You can get all of these for as low as 1 penny each!

1)Writing the Christian Romance by Gail Gayer Martin.

2)Writers on Writing: Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published 

3) Self Editing For Fiction Writers

4) The Writers Digest Writing Clinic: Expert Help for Improving Your Work

So there you have it. Great stuff for writers that is almost free! Take advantage and see if any of these help your work to reach that stellar potential and land you that great contract!

Happy Buying and  Happy Writing!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Stuff For Writers!

Everyone loves free things-even (or especially) struggling writers trying to make it in today's tight industry. So I've searched the web and came up with some things to help my fellow writers. Best of all - they're all FREE!!

1) Need help writing a great query letter? Check this out:
    How to Write a Great Query Letter by literary agent Noah Lukeman. Available for Kindle or as a PDF.

2) Everyone needs help with goal planning. Whether it be personal goals, writing goals, or even just goals for what you want to accomplish this summer. With that in mind check out these great goal planning sheets from MoneySavingMom. The first one is a weekly goal planning sheet and the next one is a long term goal worksheet. The great thing about the second one is that it breaks the goals down into smaller bite sized steps - great for writers!
1) Weekly Goal Planning Sheet

2) Customizable Goal Planning Sheets

3) Here's a great resource I recently came across at a conference I attended. This has some great tips on how to get your book published.

How To Get Your Book Published: by David Webb

4) Want to get some help with those character profiles? Here are some free character profile sheets to get you started. This one is actually a Christian one by Margaret Daley. Christian ones are hard to find so this was a nice treat!

Christian Character Profile Sheet

5) Need an agent? Here is a free ebook from amazon:
How to Land and Keep A Literary Agent 

6)  A classic book all writers should own: The Elements of Style by Strunk - Click here for this great book:

Ok, now for all you writers out there who are looking for some great bargains. Stay tuned for my next post which lists some great writing books for Christian writers that are only 1 cent each!! That's right - books for only a penny.

Happy Writing!