For Writers

The following books, blogs, and internet sites are excellent helps in the area of becoming a good writer. I will add more as I come across them, so check back for updates.


1) “Idiots Guide to Writing Christian Fiction” by Ron Benrey

2) “Christian Writers Market Guide- 2012” by Sally Stuart

3) “Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B. White

4) “The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing” by the editors of Writers Digest

5) “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell

6) "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass

7) Books by Susan May Warren from My Book Therapy: "Deep and Wide" and "Kiss and Tell"


1) Writers Digest

Web Sites

1) Fiction writers character chart:


3) American Christian Writers:


5) A wonderful website and blog by a published author, with great posts on all aspects of writing.

6) Another wonderful blog with wonderful posts

7) Not on writing, but a wonderful resource for historical writers. Hundreds of images of edwardian and regency era dresses.

Local Conferences

1) Maranatha Christian Writer's Conference- Muskegon, Michigan
This conference held on beautiful Lake Michigan in Muskegon is small conference for christian writers but reaps large benefits. Be prepared to attend workshops by nationally known writes such as Jerry Jenkins and Lynn Austin. Lots of great workshops to help you hone your writing skill. I attended this conference three years ago and it was excellent.

2) Great Lakes Chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers:

3) American Christian Writers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Conference

4)Anointed Pen Conference:
5) Faith Writers:

National Conferences

1) American Christian Fiction Writers:
I attended this national conference for fiction writers the last two years and it was awesome. Great speakers, great workshops and encouagement. This past years conference was in Indiana and for 2014 it will be held at the Hyatt in St. Louis Missouri. Hope to see you there!