My Novels…
      I have written eight full length novels, all are set in the bygone days of carriages, fine ladies, and unfathomable poverty and destitution for those who were not of the elite “upper ten thousand.” My novels encompass such topics as debtors prisons, gangs of organized pickpockets, workhouses, marriages of convenience, Duke's and Duchesses, etc. Throw in devoted heroes in desperate situations, fiery heroines who are down on their luck, and eccentric secondary characters, and you have the recipe for a delicious historical romance, with a Dickensian edge.
      To whet your appetite here is a sample from my fourth novel, a story of a young woman’s plight in having to marry a man she doesn't love in order to save her family from scandal.

     The dance began and he watched as Miss Lowe began to whirl around the room with her partner, perfectly in time to the music. He had never before glimpsed such innocent loveliness, such sincere enjoyment of anything. She did not appear to be feigning delight, as many did, it just flowed from her presence naturally, causing a warm glow to emanate to those around her. And the charming smile she gave made him long to be her partner in the dance, as well as in life. Rising, he moved slowly around the edge of the room, speaking to no one. A bit of fresh air would do him good. The confines of the ballroom that brought him so close, yet so far from her, stifled him, and air would clear his senses more than anything. As he neared the door the sounds of angry voices met his ear. He paused, leaned against the door, attempted to catch the words which were rising in pitch, until only the clapping of the onlookers and the crashing of cymbals could cover the din. The stomping of boots sounded louder and instantaneously three officers wearing the uniform of the New York Police Department, strode in. The dancers stopped mid-step. The onlookers gave one final clap, then ceased. The orchestra died away, then stopped altogether. For an instant, a cold deathlike silence reigned.