Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exciting News!!

I’m taking a break from my Mighty Ten series to share some news I’ve been bursting with over the past few weeks.
The story begins at the 2011 ACFW conference. While there, I had the opportunity to sit at the table of Rachel Kent from Books and Such Literary Agency, during one of the lunches.  Although I did not get the opportunity to pitch to her, she did say it was alright if I queried. So query I did, and then tried to forget about that, plus the other queries, and turn my attention to a new writing project. Notice, I said I “tried”. J I still, of course, hoped that I would check my email in the future and see something from one of the agents or editors that I had submitted to.
Then about a month ago I was checking my email and suddenly my gaze snagged on something from Rachel Kent. My heart immediately went to my throat as I opened it, expecting a form rejection. Instead she wrote that she would like to see the full manuscript. Wow, was I surprised!! I sent her the full novel and tried not to check my email a gazillion times a day.
A week or so after that, another email appeared. Again I opened it, again expecting a rejection. She couldn’t possibly like my book, I thought. I happen to be one of those writers who immediately becomes attached to a new project thinking it’s ten times better than the previous one.  
Upon opening it, the news it contained had me jumping up and down screaming. She wanted to have a phone call with me to discuss the book and representation. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night.
We had the call a week later, and she gave me the news I’d been waiting to hear for a loooong time. She liked my work and wanted to offer to represent me! She also emailed me changes to work through on the novel, as well as proposals to fill out, so I was very very busy for a while.
I signed the contract a week ago and still am floating on cloud nine. I am very blessed and excited to work with Rachel, who is as professional and easy to talk to on the phone as she is on her blog posts. Check out this link if you’d like to read one of her recent posts about what she looks for in a client.
This post is meant to encourage all writers that are waiting for the same results and to let you know that in God’s timing everything is possible. God has given me the ability to write five novels and I hope with this new adventure He will give me the opportunity to share them with potential readers and continue to write additional ones for His glory.
Thank you all so much for letting me share this with you! I know all you writers will understand just how excited I am!
Happy Writing!

Do you have an exciting story to share about getting an agent.  I'd love to hear it!


Sapphire said...

A HUGE congratulations!!! :-)

Kara said...

Wow, Wow, and Wow again!!! THANK you so much for sharing such GREAT news and congrats to you, Amanda!!! You have been diligent in your part as a writer and I'm soooooo happy for you :)

Hope you have a nice celebration over this and I'll be praying for continous favor in your experience as an author, that you will now see the benefits in all your efforts if you haven't already (for you and your family).
Lots of blessings,

Dawn said...

I'm jumping up and down too! I'm so excited for you. You have been such an encouragement to me. I just can't tell yo how much.

It's not too much longer and I'll be rushing out to get you to sign my copy of your book.



Keli Gwyn said...

Congratulations, Amanda!!! What wonderful news!!! I'm thrilled for you.

Since Rachelle is with B&S now, that means we're agency mates. That is way cool.

Amanda said...

Thank you for your congratulations, ladies!! You are all so sweet!

And Keli, I’m so excited to be part of the Books and Such Team for many reasons, one of them being that I have such great agency mates!

Jessica R. Patch said...

Congratulations!! I'm also represented by Rachel! She's wonderful! Welcome aboard! :)

Cynthia Herron said...

Congrats, Amanda and fellow "Bookie"!

Would have loved to have met you at ACFW, but there's always this year. :)


Heidi Chiavaroli said...

Congratulations, Amanda! (I saw the news on Keli Gwyn's twitter.)

I can feel your excitement, and I'm wishing you the best!

Laura Frantz said...

SO, SO happy for you, Amanda!! You're a bookie like me - and Keli here - and others!! A wonderful start to a long career for you:) Can't wait to hold your book in hand!!

Sarah Sundin said...

So excited for you! I'm one of Rachel's clients too - and I love her to pieces! Welcome aboard!

Amanda said...

So great to hear from all you fellow Bookies!!! Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments!

Casey said...

Wow, Amanda! What wonderful news for you--CONGRATULATIONS! I'm excited to see where this takes you and sooo glad I got the chance to meet you at ACFW!

Naomi Rawlings said...

Amanda! How wonderful! You must be thrilled.