Sunday, January 13, 2013

Downton Trivia Part Two!

After another fabulous episode of Downton Abbey, full of its usual drama and period elegance, I’m all revved up to start work on another novel. Yay! But first, as promised, here is part two of my Downton trivia post, this time with a dash of history. Then at the end of the post, I’ll announce the winners!

1 – Why couldn’t Lady Mary inherit Downton?

A – Because she wasn’t old enough.
B – Because she wasn’t married.
C- Because she wasn’t a male.

The answer to number one is C. The law stated that the eldest son, or if there was none, the nearest male relation, always inherited the title. This made it impossible for Mary to inherit her father’s earldom, and thus, Downton.

2 – Who is the highest ranking male servant in an Edwardian country house?

A – The footman.
B – The butler.
C – The valet.

The answer is B. The butler was always the highest ranking male servant, unless there was a house steward, in which case, he ranked higher. But house stewards were only at the grandest estates and generally, the butler and the housekeeper reigned supreme.

3 – The Edwardian era got its name from King Edward VII. Which year did he become king?

A – 1887
B – 1904
C – 1902

Some of you commented that Edward actually became king in 1901 and you are absolutely correct. I was basing it on the date of his coronation which took place in 1902. It was delayed so long, because at the last minute, Edward had to have an emergency appendectomy. The answer here is C.

4 – Who currently lives at Highclere Castle?

A – The Earl of Carnarvon
B – The Duke of Marlborough
C – The Earl of Grantham

Don’t we all wish we lived there? I know I do! But the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon live at Highclere, so the answer is A.

5 – How many times a day would an Edwardian lady change her clothes?

A – 3
B – 5
C – 6

5 times a day! I would love to try it. J She would don a morning dress, riding habit, afternoon or visiting frock, tea gown, and evening dress. No wonder she needed a lady’s maid. The answer is B.

6 Lady Grantham is an American heiress who traded her cash for a countess’s coronet. One of the most famous American heiresses was...

A – Margaret Greenville
B – Consuelo Vanderbilt
C – Daisy Arlington

The answer is B. Consuelo Vanderbilt married the Ninth Duke of Marlborough in 1895, exchanging her millions for a title and life at Blenheim Palace.   

7– In the year 1913, changes were happening everywhere. What new invention is brought to Downton in Season 1?

A – A telephone.
B – A refrigerator.
C – A toaster.

The answer is A. Although it is my personal opinion, the Granthams would have had a telephone long before the Titanic era, (King Edward VII had one installed at Marlborough House in the late 1890’s) Downton got a telephone (and Gwen got a secretary job) in 1913.

8 – Which of these quotes is attributed to the Dowager Countess?

A – What is a weekend?
B – Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!
C - No man wants to kiss a girl in black.
D – All of the above.

Of course D! I love the Dowager Countess and after watching the first two episodes of Season 3, I can assure you she has plenty of witty one-liners to come!

And now let us move onto the eagerly awaited announcement. Who won the contest?

Drumroll please.


The Winners Are!!!

Winner Number One – Pat Jeanne Davis

 Winner Number Two – Linda C. Apple

I emailed them and will mail prizes out asap. A huge thank you to all who entered! I wish I could give a prize to everyone!

Stay tuned and come back next week for more posts on writing, regency and edwardian history (the time periods in which I write) and more great give-a-ways!


Happy Downton Watching, 


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pat jeanne davis said...

Thank you so much, Amanda, for the prize package.I'm writing a novel set partly in the U.K. that has an aristocratic character who may have worn such items of apparel in 1913. I'll place them alongside the Votes for Women banner carried by the British suffregists that hubby bought from a collector. Many thanks.