Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dream Dinner Party Guests – Regency Style!

Good evening my lords, ladies, and gentlemen. I am the Duchess of Wentworth, your hostess for this evening, and I’m so pleased you’ve all decided to join me. As you’ve surveyed my elegant dining room with its paintings by Reynolds and furnishings by Chippendale, you’ve probably assumed I hold many lavish parties. And you would be quite right. I am one of England’s leading ladies and have with me tonight some of the most esteemed members of England’s ton. Perhaps you’d care for an introduction to some of them. You would? Then allow me to show you about the room and introduce you. 

The Prince Regent, George IV – I started with our most illustrious guest as he is looking in our direction and waiting to be introduced. The Prince Regent or Prinney as he is often called, fell in love with and secretly married the beautiful Maria Fitzherbert in 1789. Their marriage was declared illegal by the Royal Marriage Act and in 1795, he married Caroline of Brunswick, although Maria remained his true love. Prinney is known for the lavish parties he gives at Carlton House, his London residence and the lovely Brighton Pavilion in Brighton. Despite his faults, he is a most affable and generous man, able to put anyone at ease.

 Lady Jersey, Lady Sefton, Lady Castlereagh, Lady Cowper and Mrs. Drummond-Burrell– The patronesses of the elite Almacks Assembly Rooms are all in attendance this evening, save Princess Esterhazy and Countess Lieven. These four ladies are some of London’s most elegant grande dames and although Mrs. Drummond-Burrell’s icy demeanor and Lady Jersey’s strictness, seem to overpower them, the other three are quite amiable and you will find both Lady Sefton and Lady Cowper wonderful conversationalists and very elegant.
Lady Caroline Lamb – Most noted for her great friendship with Lord Byron, whom Lady Caroline described as “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”, Lady Caroline is a witty conversationalist and as she is married to the viscount, William Lamb, who is also in attendance, a great addition to our party.

‘Beau’ Brummell – The foremost authority of fashion himself, the ‘Beau’ as he is commonly addressed, is responsible for much of the attire you see here tonight. He set the fashion for neatness and simplicity in men’s attire – dark, plainly cut coats for evening wear and a perfectly tied neckcloth. He is very critical of appearance and his famous lifted eyebrow when he sees anything amiss, terrifies debutantes. (Thankfully, I discussed the choice of my gown this evening with Lady Sefton, so there will be nothing amiss with me.) Yet the Beau’s wit and social grace, can just as easily put a properly dressed debutante at perfect ease, as I know very well from my first Season.
The Duke of Wellington – Now, here is a man who I suspect will do great things for our beloved England, with the conflict approaching regarding Napoleon. It is an honor to have him here and you will find him a quiet, humble sort of man, who, I have heard from his fellow officers, cares more for the welfare of his men than any medals or accolades he might gain.

There is a fine assortment of other dukes, earls, and gentlemen of private means here tonight, with their ladies, but I won’t introduce you to everyone but instead, let you mingle at will. And now I must go, I do believe Prinney is telling Lady Cowper of his improvements to Carlton House, and I must hear them!

Au Revoir,
Amanda – or Duchess of Wentworth


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Cynthia A. Lovely said...

Dutchess : )
Very creative party post, I enjoyed reading through it.

Marissa said...

I remember your Christmas giveaways last year! I'm glad you're doing them again!