Monday, August 1, 2011

You Know You’re A Writer When…

Any doubts as to whether or not you’re a writer? If you answer yes to anything below, you can safely assume you that you ARE a writer. Either that or slightly insane.

You know you’re a writer when:

1) You think of music in terms of soundtracks.

2) You hear “voices” and must write down what they say.

3) You know the phone numbers of agents and editors (even if you don’t call them) but you fail to remember your own.

4) You think of every vacation in terms of doing research.

5) You analyze the writing style of everything you read and then make mental notes of how your own writing compares.

6) You know how movies will end before everyone else does, and you tell everyone how the screenwriter could have done things better.

7) Your family can identify with this scene from “Becoming Jane.” A movie about the life of Jane Austen.

          Lady Gresham: “There seems to be a prettish kind of wilderness on one side of the                 lawn. Perhaps the young people would like to take a turn in it?” 

         Upon hearing this, the expression on Jane’s face changes and she walks quickly to a bench, pulls out a notepad, and begins scribbling.

          Lady Gresham: “What is she doing?”

          Wesley: “Writing.”

          Lady Gresham: “Can anything be done about it?”

8) You evaluate everyone as a potential character and consider carrying around a tape recorder to record dialogue.

9) The librarian can tell what your next story is about just by looking at the stacks of books you have special ordered. Some of the titles make him more than a little nervous.

10) Your kids and spouse know about POV, CP’s, and CBA, just from hearing you talk about them 24/7.

11) Your family thinks your laptop is an extension of your arms.

And lastly,
12) Every time your phone rings you just know it’s your future agent.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a laugh!

Happy Writing….


Tracy Krauss said...

Very clever list, Amanda!

Laura Marcella said...

#6 is so true for me! Great list. I'm definitely a writer and still probably a little insane, LoL!

Amanda said...

Glad the post resonated with you ladies! Thanks for the comments.

Naomi Rawlings said...

That's hilarious! I really like the scene from Becoming Jane and the need to write down voices in your head.